Our strength as a collective force is powered by the data our members give us - this is how we are able to leverage their interests as best possible.

Understanding the ins and outs of their preferences & passion-points as a cyclist and a consumer give us the ability to be relevant with the value that we generate.

We have a die-hard focus on protecting our members interests at all times. We don't give personal data to anyone - in fact we aim to transcend the standard guidelines set out in the data-protection act to make sure everything is done with explicit consent only. No hidden T&Cs or opt-out boxes here - we are led entirely by genuine permissions and interests only.

We act as a gate-keeper to our members attention and spending decisions. The control remains with them - we simply facilitate.

We have a 20-part entry survey which collects these initial interests. We also run quarterly member surveys which act to further understand their passion points as well as the very latest trends and seasonal demands among them.

As a side we also manage product focus groups for new product launches or fresh brands to the market. We offer forward thinking consultancy as part of our wider agency offering. Speak to the team at TwoTwoFive Media for information.