Lee's Legend 9.5 custom

Lee's Legend 9.5 custom

My "favourite" type of rides are the Northern Classics having ridden Flanders, LBL, Ghent Wevelgem, Paris Roubaix to name a few on numerous occasions.

The decision for buying the bike was made easy when I sat down and realised that for the same money or less, I could have a custom built bike that would suit my personal geometry and requirements. Upon meeting the owners Marco and Manuel I asked for something "different" in that I wanted a carbon frame but still had a "race bike" geometry. (something Marco said he´s never built before, so that was interesting).

Marco and his team were fantastic and very accommodating. Two years on I am still blown away by just how well Marco has delivered on exactly what I had hoped for. The bike far out- strips the capabilities of its pilot. With the right wheel and tire combination it´s about as "comfortable" as is possible. It´s also equally at home in the high mountains for trips I´ve done in the Southern Alps.

Photo credit: Torsten Frank

The colour I choose for the bike was simply that I like the "company colour" as it were in that that particular colour blue is a bit of a Legend Hallmark and I choose a couple of little accents to my past life in Australia and the headset cap is a nod to my Belgian friends and spending so much time riding there!
Campagnolo groupset keeps it an all Italian thoroughbred
"The bike far out- strips the capabilities of its pilot. "
Lee .
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Frame & Fork:
Legend 9.5 carbon monocoque custom frame and fork
Ambrosio Pave tubular wheelset
Campagnolo Chorus 11
Deda and Legend custom painted components
Frame Material: