Mavic Haute Route Rockies 2017

Mavic Haute Route Rockies 2017
The first ever week of Haute Route racing in North America features a total of 815 kilometres (507 miles) of riding in the spectacular setting of the Rocky Mountains and 15,000 metres of climbing (49,260ft). The event kicks off on June 24, 2017 from Boulder, Colorado and finishes on June 30 at Colorado Springs. The week of seven timed and ranked stages includes 16 ascents, 14 of which are above 2,500 metres of altitude. Among the classic ascents are Independence Pass, Kebler Pass and Berthoud Pass, all of which are above 3,000 metres. The climbs are generally not as steep as typically found in the European Haute Route events and 20% of the distance will consist of hard packed dirt roads.
"Can you handle the ultimate high altitude test?"
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24/06/2017 to 1/07/2017
Rocky Mountain, Colorado
Challenge Level:
5 out of 5 - Come prepared - this ones for the seasoned riders
Number Of Riders:
Limited to around 400
Vertical Ascent:
15,000m +